Trailer Tracking for Hassle Free Yard Checks

Yard checks can be such a pain in the neck and a single mistake could turn out to be a massive inconvenience. Worse, improper warehouse/yard management can result in a catastrophic mess that will significantly drag down your team’s efficiency and productivity. The most experienced trailer operators know that idleness is the worst enemy of the business and can actually be the main cause behind missed profit targets.

Sadly, this is something beyond Batman’s scope of service…

But don’t fret! The latest and best breakthrough in fleet telematics will bust out the villains in your company’s success story. If the ability to monitor a trailer’s location, speed, and activity was a gigantic breakthrough in fleet telematics, you’ll be pleased to know it’s become even better in such that your team will never have to go through the tedious and delicate process of yard checks – ever again!
Big thanks to yard management systems, there’s now a new way of going through these inbound and outbound checks without the fear of losing track, and basically without causing a great deal of stress on the team. The yard is such a complex, eventful venue and managing the activity therein can be a tough job for manual handling. Good news is, the system has a lot of amazing features which will boost the efficiency and productivity in such instances.

Dock management

This is a convenient way to cross out the pains of yard check-ins without having to actually eliminate them. As tedious and inefficient these check-ins can get, they are still essential in the overall order and organization of any warehouse. Poor dock visibility and gate backups can both be time-consuming and expensive on your part as the operator.

Seamless carrier management

To-and-from calls can take time. With yard management systems, you may actually program the trackers to send automatic alerts to the carriers once the trailers are ready for pick-up. This comes really handy especially when there are a lot of calls to be made all at once.

Real-time view of the yard

Yard inspections done on foot can be time-consuming. But with a trusty yard management system on your side, you can have a real-time view of your battlefield. This will come in the form of a virtual interface that’s user-friendly and shows movement updates at intervals of your choosing.

Prioritize needs for maximum efficiency

It’s easy to lose track of priorities when the system is not as organized as it should be. Yard drivers could be doing one thing, when there’s something more urgent lined up. Having a yard management system is really helpful in prioritizing tasks for yard drivers to make sure that everything is done at the right pace and time.

Accurate reports for every audience

Making activity reports can be a really challenging endeavor. But with a great trailer management software, you can have your reports customized, depending on which role you have in the team. Have all of the relevant information about yard driver activity and carrier management records, on an easy-to-navigate user screen. Yes, it’s that easy!