Trailer Track System

When people think of tracking their trailer, they generally think of having a tracker and then a way to view location of a vehicle. But, having a trailer track system is far more than just tracking a location. You need a complete system that location is only part of.

With a complete tracking system, you can monitor far more than just the location of your trailers. With a system, you can know which trailers are being over-utilized, under-utilized, and in some cases, buried so deep in the yard that it’s never used at all! If your trailer isn’t being used, it’s just wasting your money sitting there taking up space and perhaps you can sell a few trailers and put that money back in the bank to use in other areas of your business.

With a complete tracking system, you can know exactly when and what maintenance is coming due. Need to know when it’s time to maintain your floor? Is it time to replace the tires? Is it time to do maintenance on the brakes? Time to grease up the electrical systems? Need a reminder every now and then to do some corrosion control? If your focus is on the location of your trailers, and that’s it, you may not be using the telematic data as efficiently as you could be.

At National Fleet Tracking, we show you how our system is more than just finding out your trailers current location. We will show you how to see where it’s been, for how long, and how to put maintenance on auto pilot. With our system in place, you’ll be saving tons of money in no time!

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