Protect Temperature-Sensitive Cargo with Trailer Tracking

If you constantly handle a cargo of perishables like fresh produce and frozen/fresh meat, there are safety concerns involved, especially if the kind of food and drink that you’ll be carrying are those that are temperature-sensitive. Like chicken, for example. You have to make sure that when your trailer arrives at the destination, that contamination hasn’t happened by a variety of factors. A lot of things can happen while transporting food between the farm and store shelves that could mess with the temperature of cargo.

If you don’t take precautions ahead of time, not only will you lose revenue — because let’s face it, which client in their right mind would pay a shipper who destroyed his cargo? Do you want the hassle of an issue with your trailer being at fault for a product loss? Therefore, it is very important to install trailer tracking devices on your trailers so that you won’t have to deal with the headaches of products that have gone bad. Trailer tracking technology today isn’t only limited to telling you where your trailers are, they can also monitor the temperature of your trailers, help you track proper maintenance, and National Fleet Tracking’s tracking technology is top-of-the-line.

You can’t deny the importance of trailer tracking in any logistics company. With a company that transports food and other perishables, though, such value is magnified. As previously mentioned, tracking devices today can also monitor the temperature inside a trailer aside from monitoring its location. It has sensors that can give you the figures on your computer or any mobile device and when the temperatures somehow fall below or rise above set limits, you and the driver can be alerted immediately so preventive measures can be taken. This will allow the carrier to avoid losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on spoiled cargo. In addition, due to the tightening of regulations regarding the transport of food, National Fleet Tracking’s monitoring system will also provide you with the reporting that is required of you by the FSMA.

Trailer tracking will also protect you from cargo theft. Our trailer tracking technology will not only monitor the temperature of your cargo, it can also tell you if your cargo doors are open. Therefore, you can take action immediately whenever someone decides to break into your trailer and steal your stuff. This keeps you away from adding to the 1 billion dollar worth annual cargo losses that America experiences.