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Trailer Tracking System

Using a the National Fleet Tracking Trailer Tracking System has helped many businesses gain control over their trailers once again.

Stop Yard Checks!

Know where your trailers are at any given time.

Know Your Temps

Would it benefit your business to know the temp inside the trailer during transit? Our system receives updates from the trailer every 15 minutes. If there's a problem, it's going to tell you about it.

Trailer Tracking: Why You have to make the Decision of Installing Now

In every business, the goal is to make sure that you have maximum profitability with minimum cost. That definitely is the goal in fleet management. With the number of trailers you already have at your disposal, you have to find a way that every single one of them is making you earn revenue you expect from it. However, when you manage a fleet, it is common to find trailers that are left somewhere holding only air. If you manage a...

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Protect Temperature-Sensitive Cargo with Trailer Tracking

If you constantly handle a cargo of perishables like fresh produce and frozen/fresh meat, there are safety concerns involved, especially if the kind of food and drink that you’ll be carrying are those that are temperature-sensitive. Like chicken, for example. You have to make sure that when your trailer arrives at the destination, that contamination hasn’t happened by a variety of factors. A lot of things can happen while transporting food between the farm and store shelves that could mess...

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Have Supreme Customer Service with Trailer Tracking

There’s only one thing that your customers want aside from you bringing their cargo to point B -- information! If you want happy customers who always call on you to deliver their goods, make sure that you’re always ready with all the information that they might ask of you. Trailer tracking is key. To do that, you have to be updated with what’s going on with their cargo. You have to know where it is, how it’s doing, and when...

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Trailer Track System

When people think of tracking their trailer, they generally think of having a tracker and then a way to view location of a vehicle. But, having a trailer track system is far more than just tracking a location. You need a complete system that location is only part of. With a complete tracking system, you can monitor far more than just the location of your trailers. With a system, you can know which trailers are being over-utilized, under-utilized, and in...

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Do You Really Need Temperature Alerts with Your Trailer Tracker?

As if trackers, in their bare genius glory, are not already the most excellent thing invented in their corner of the world. Yes, the best thing in fleet telematics is here – yet again. Trailer Temperature Monitoring Devices were invented into existence to make sure the central authority of your fleet company has real-time updates on the temperature inside your refrigerated trailers. These devices are very useful because on top of the real-time temperature monitoring they provide, they also give...

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Trailer Tracking for Hassle Free Yard Checks

Yard checks can be such a pain in the neck and a single mistake could turn out to be a massive inconvenience. Worse, improper warehouse/yard management can result in a catastrophic mess that will significantly drag down your team’s efficiency and productivity. The most experienced trailer operators know that idleness is the worst enemy of the business and can actually be the main cause behind missed profit targets. Sadly, this is something beyond Batman’s scope of service… But don’t fret!...

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4 Ways Technology Can Improve Fleet Operations

Information technology permeates all parts of a successful trucking fleet's operations today, and sessions at ALK's Transportation Technology Summit last week showcased technology used in trailer detention management, in-cab navigation, in-cab video and driver hiring. The event in Princeton, N.J., April 4-7, brought together representatives of trucking fleets and technology providers to share their thoughts on the future of the industry and how technologies can improve carrier operations. Read More Call one of our Trailer Fleet Experts today! 254-898-3474

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Chicken Worth $80,000 Held Ransom

"Police say the trailer might have been sitting at the Flying J Truck Stop west of Missoula, Montana, for a month before it was discovered this week with rancid juices from the cargo dripping onto the pavement and attracting flies. Hall abandoned the trailer after his employer, Dixie River Freight Inc., refused his demands for more money to deliver its then-frozen cargo to Kent, Washington, according to police." Read about the drivers arrest... Don't let this happen to you. Know...

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Remote Temp Monitoring

Automatically watching the perishable load as it goes down the road or the rails saves money and brings peace of mind. When you're delivering temperature-sensitive cargoes, things can get nasty if the produce, meat, ice cream or whatever's in the trailer shows up too cold or too warm. Systems such as Thermo King's TracKing can alert fleets to temperature problems eve if the driver doesn't. Guys on the dock reject the load, and then the finger-pointing starts. Read More About...

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Maintenance Report: Trailers

Trailers these days get a little more respect than they used to. They're designed to last longer with less maintenance. Newer, more damaging de-icers have driven the development of new coatings and other solutions to corrosion problems. Trailer tracking systems allow fleets to keep track of both tethered and untethered units. Like tractors, trailers require maintenance on brakes, wheel-ends and tires, which we've addressed in depth in other articles. But there are a lot of little, simple things you can...

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