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Trailer Tracking System

Using a the National Fleet Tracking Trailer Tracking System has helped many businesses gain control over their trailers once again.

Stop Yard Checks!

Know where your trailers are at any given time.

Know Your Temps

Would it benefit your business to know the temp inside the trailer during transit? Our system receives updates from the trailer every 15 minutes. If there's a problem, it's going to tell you about it.

Trailer Tracking and Food Safety

New regulations will make tracking technology even more prevalent. Trailer tracking technology has been around a number of years, with a growing number of refrigerated and other food-related carriers deploying the technologies. But upcoming federal regulations will make it even more important. “Trailer tracking was used as a ‘throw-in,’ but now if you aren’t tracking trailers, you are behind the curve,” says Chris MacDonald, vice president sales, StarTrak business for Orbcomm. MacDonald estimates that up to 80% of the top...

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