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Trailer Tracking Systems

A trailer tracking system encompasses far more than  just a GPS device attached to a trailer that allows you to see where it is. Many believe that GPS tracking simply shows the location of a asset, but there is so much more that can be utilized using the information provided throughout a full system.

The National Fleet Tracking platform creates a system for your trailer tracking, utilization, maintenance, and customer support. From the moment you activate a GPS tracking device attached to a trailer, you have control. This system allows you to be in control of:

  • Location – Know exactly where your trailer is at any given time.
  • Utilization – The utilization report will show you which trailers get used the most to help you in your trailer rotation program.
  • Maintenance – Using reports, know when it’s time to do maintenance on those brakes, wheel-ends, and tires. Proper maintenance on anything saves money.
  • Yard Checks – Minimize yard checks by knowing where your trailers are at any given time.
  • Customer Support – Send “Live Tracker” links to your customers where they can see your trailer in transit. This link is only good for the amount of time that YOU set.

A proper trailer tracking system will save you countless dollars and with the increased customer service, you retain much better customer retention. Never underestimate the power of a great system in place for helping you manage your trailer business.